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Shower Heads Melbourne

Here at Eos Bathware, you will find a range of stylish shower heads Melbourne customers are loving for their elegance and simplicity. Whether your bathroom is modern or classic in design, there will be a beautiful (and beautifully functional) shower head within the range to meet your needs.

From sleek, modern designs, to rounded rainfall shower heads, Melbourne locals will soon see that there is something for everyone in the Eos Bathware range. Having chosen the perfect design, you can choose the matte black or polished chrome finish that will complement the rest of your bathroom tapware.

Choose from Eos Bathware’s Stunning Range of Shower Heads for Sale

Amongst our shower heads for sale, not only will you find something for every style, but something for every shower preference too. Pair your new shower head with a shower rail and shower arm which allows everyone in the house to adjust the shower head to the perfect height. No more ducking under a shower that’s too short, or getting your hair wet when you don’t want to. Now you can choose the perfect shower hardware combination, and when you choose from the range of tapware, shower rails, and shower heads for sale from Eos Bathware, you can mix and match, knowing that your finished product will be perfectly stylish.

The customisation options don’t end there. We stock a variety of multi-function hand showers that allow you to easily switch between three separate functions at the click of a button. Whether you are using the high-pressure function, or enjoying the enveloping sensation of the rainfall shower head, you can do so guilt-free with these Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) rated products.

Buy Your Shower Heads and Sinks Online and Get Free Delivery in Metropolitan Melbourne

Whether you browse in-store, or buy your tapware, vanities, shower heads, and sinks online, you can expect exceptional value on some of the best Australian and international brands when you shop at Eos Bathware. You can also receive free delivery within the metropolitan regions, and exceptional rates for courier delivery outside these areas.