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Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

250 x 450 x 215mm



Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

440 x 440 x 205mm



Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

500 x 440 x 230mm


Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Single Bowl

Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

390 x 450 x 215mm


Kitchen Sink Brushed Stainless Steel Double Bowl

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink


Original price was: $479.00.Current price is: $279.00.


Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

510 x 450 x 230mm



Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

762 x 457 x 254mm


Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Single Bowl

Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

600 x 450 x 230mm



Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

600 x 450 x 300mm



Granite Kitchen Sink

422 x 422 x 203mm



Single Bowl Kitchen Sink w Drainer

960 x 450 x 230mm


Double Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

770 x 450 x 215mm



Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

865 x 440 x 200mm



Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink




Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

820 x 457 x 230mm



Gold Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

250 x 450 x 215mm


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Kitchen Sink Melbourne

Here at Eos Bathware, you will find everything that you need, including the kitchen sink. Melbourne locals can visit our Moorabbin showroom, or shop online, finding great deals on the best international and Australian designs.

We offer generous warranties on all of our products, because we only stock the sinkware that we have absolute confidence in. The majority of our kitchen sinks come with a generous 10 year warranty for your complete peace of mind.

Whether you shop online or in-store, our stock availability means that you will rarely have to wait for your chosen product – most stock is available immediately!

Choose from Eos Bathware’s Granite or Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks for Sale

Our signature sinks are manufactured using beautiful granite quartz combinations, and perennially popular stainless steel, however we are constantly making updates to the Eos Bathware range to include both timeless styles and the very best in modern design.

There really are endless styling options with these simple and elegant designs. You can introduce some drama to your kitchen design with a bold, black granite sink, or you can maintain the sleek elegance of a modern kitchen with effortlessly practical stainless steel.

A brushed finish on the stainless steel kitchen sinks for sale not only gives them a premium look and feel, but it will also protect the sink against the daily damage that accumulates over the years. This helps to keep your kitchen sink looking like new for years to come so that the style and aesthetic appeal are maintained just as well as the form and the function.

Most of our composite granite and stainless steel sinks come with the option for under mounting or flush mounting the sink, depending on the benchtop material and design. Under mounting is mostly favoured these days for a seamless stone benchtop finish, and with these multifunctional kitchen sink designs, the choice is entirely in your hands.

Further customisation can be achieved when you select the colour for a granite quartz sink. Black can introduce some dramatic flair, or complete a natural or even industrial look with the introduction of imposing dark stoneware. A white granite sink will keep things lighter and brighter, while echoing traditional ceramic sinks, albeit in a much tougher material.

Purchase your composite or stainless steel Kitchen Sink Online

Whether you choose to buy a composite granite, or stainless steel kitchen sink, online orders can be made easily through the Eos Bathware webstore for local delivery in the Melbourne metro area.

We also deliver Australia wide – so if you’ve had your eye on a product within the Eos Bathware range, then why not get in touch to find out more about delivery to your area.

Granite Kitchen Sink Melbourne

Build your perfect kitchen with truly unique product designs and stunning statement features such as our granite kitchen sinks. Melbourne homeowners will find that these sinks, created from a granite quartz composite, are the perfect expression of the modern kitchen style that somehow blends the clean lines of modern minimalism with the warmth and atmosphere of organic materials and textures.

Unlike a stainless steel sink, these granite creations could find themselves equally at home in a farmhouse style kitchen, as they could in one with an industrial edge. The choice of either matte granite black, or white, gives you further styling options.

Explore EOS Bathware's Impressive Granite Kitchen Sinks For Sale

The process of creating a granite quartz composite results in sinks with the scratch resistant durability of stone, and the malleability at the manufacturing stage that allows you to have any shape or style of sink that you desire.

Amongst the granite kitchen sinks for sale you will find round bowl designs, and square single or double sink designs, without or without drainers. These sinks are designed for either a flush mount, or for undermounting to show stone benchtops to full advantage.

The density of these composite sinks results in a non-porous, scratch resistant surface, that will prevent stains and the build up of bacteria, ensuring you have a safe, hygienic, and beautiful sink for years to come. Due to their durable nature, they come with a 10 year warranty as standard.

Purchase Your Granite Kitchen Sink Online

Once you have bought your granite kitchen sink online, or in-store, you can have it transported safe and sound anywhere within metropolitan Melbourne. You can find a full list of included suburbs under our delivery terms, and if you are outside of these regions, then you will also find options for courier delivery anywhere in Australia. As always, if you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our helpful team.

Laundry Sinks Melbourne

Whether you have a dedicated laundry , a European laundry, or a kitchen/laundry combination, at Eos Bathware, you will find a selection of the market’s best laundry sinks. Melbourne customers can expect to find styles that they won’t see elsewhere. All of our laundry sinks feature unique product designs from the best designers in Australia and internationally.

Once you have found your ideal laundry sink you won’t have to wait long either, as we have all stock available for immediate pick-up or delivery.

Explore EOS Bathware's Laundry Sinks for Sale in Melbourne

For most people, a classic laundry sink means choosing time-honoured stainless steel. It’s easy to maintain, and durable for those messy laundry tasks, so it’s no wonder this material has become such a popular choice, and you will find a great range of stainless steel sinks at Eos Bathware.

If you are after something a little different, then you may wish to look at the other varieties of laundry sinks for sale, including beautiful granite quartz composites. These sinks are made to last a lifetime, and come with generous warranties. If you have limited space at your place, and worry about an unsightly laundry being on display, then choosing high-end options like these granite composite sinks means you will never feel the need to hide your laundry again.

Of course we have some great tapware options to complement all of our laundry sink styles. Gooseneck mixers remain a popular choice, and we often see customers choosing the same styles for their kitchen and laundry sink. Some of these designs feature pull-out spray hoses at the end of the mixer, so that you can have a multi-function product in the one laundry tap.

As well as our mixer taps and wall mixer combinations, you will also find more traditional wall mounted hot and cold tap options for a classy and classic style.

Buy Your Laundry Sink Online

Whether you choose to browse in-store, or buy your new laundry sink online, you can have your beautiful new sink delivered to your door anywhere within metropolitan Melbourne. We also deliver Australia-wide, so feel free to ask about our courier delivery service and rates.

Wherever you’re located, and however you shop, we want you to have access to the wealth of knowledge available from our design and customer service team. From free in-store design consultations, to great over the phone advice, feel free to contact our friendly team to have your questions answered today.

How To Care For Your Kitchen Sink with Eos Bathware

Eos Bathware, one of Melbourne's leading Kitchen Sink Suppliers, presents essential tips on properly caring for your kitchen sink. With our extensive selection of high-quality sinks, we understand the importance of maintaining your investment to keep it looking pristine. Whether you've recently purchased a new Kitchen Sink or are looking for a Kitchen Sink suppliers in Melbourne, these guidelines will help ensure your sink's longevity and beauty.

Regular cleaning is the key to preserving your kitchen sink's appearance. We recommend using a mild, non-abrasive cleaner or a mixture of baking soda and water to prevent unsightly stains and corrosion. This will help remove food particles and water spots and avoid mineral buildup that can dull the sink's shine.

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