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Mirror Cabinets Melbourne

One of a designers’ toughest tasks is to create maximum storage for an area while still maximising the overall space of the room. One way to do this is with a beautiful, multi-functional mirror cabinet. Melbourne homeowners won’t have to settle for unsightly storage.  A mirror cabinet provides extra space for all the items you don’t want cluttering up your bench space but still want to access every day. You can hide all those items and still have room for your straightener!

Maybe the best thing about mirror cabinets is that they can often be recessed into the wall. Being able to use your wall cavities as storage is a designer’s dream. It allows you precious storage space and it keeps the room open and spacious. Mirror cabinets are essentially free storage. Customise them to your needs and enjoy what they bring to your bathroom.

Choose from Eos Bathware’s Stunning Range of Mirror Cabinets for Sale

See the beauty in the everyday, with a functional mirror cabinet that adds a touch of class to your bathroom. We have a select range of mirror cabinets for sale so that there’s something to suit every style, and every budget.

From a simple double doored cabinet that blends in unobtrusively whilst reflecting back the beautiful design of your new bathroom, to a stunning LED mirror cabinet that is a statement piece in it’s own right, we will help you find the ideal mirror cabinet for your bathroom.

Here at Eos Bathware we have mirror cabinets for sale in a variety of widths to match our vanity range. Simply choose a vanity and mirror cabinet of the same width for an effortlessly well-designed space.

Buy Your Mirror Cabinets Online and Get Free Delivery in Metropolitan Melbourne

Whether you shop in-store, or choose to buy your new mirror cabinet online, we want you to have access to the expert advice of our design and customer support team. You can also ask the Eos Bathware team to arrange for safe transport and delivery of your new mirror cabinet.

Delivery is free within Melbourne’s metropolitan region, however we can also arrange for courier delivery of products anywhere in Australia.