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Bathroom Tapware

At Eos Bathware we only provide you with high-quality tapware. We are very understanding that both design and quality are paramount when choosing your brand and range tapware to suit your home. That is why we are very particular about the brands we choose to promote.

We choose to stock brands Nero and Schalke due to their designer ranges and use of high-quality materials. This is seen in the warranties which are provided by both companies.

In addition, both companies are continually updating their designs and colour ranges to suit the ever-changing bathroom trends. Although some designs will never go out of fashion, small changes to these designs keep them modern and fresh.

At Eos Bathware, all our tapware uses high-quality DZR brass and is electroplated under strict environmental protections to ensure there is no damage to the local environment. The provision of an electroplated surface provides a very tough, rustproof finish to ensure its longevity.