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750mm Timber Benchtop
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Valencia 750mm Solid Teak Timber Benchtop


The Valencia 750mm timber benchtop is the perfect way to bring a natural, organic feel to your bathroom. Handcrafted to perfection by Fifth Avenue Bathroom Furniture, you are guaranteed the highest of quality which is backed by a 10-year warranty!

Teak is a class-1 timber. It is highly moisture resistant due to its oily nature, is durable, abrasion resistant, mould resistant and low maintenance. These are the reasons the decks of boats are often made from teak. Teak has been tested for hundreds of years in marine environments which is one reason it is perfectly suited to your bathroom conditions. In addition, we coat the timber with two layers of protective coating to further ensure it stands the test of time.

Fifth Avenue Bathroom Furniture teak products are sourced from 100% sustainable, plantation timbers and their solid timber vanities and timber benchtops are seasoned for over three months. This ensures that the timber is perfectly acclimatized to your bathroom environment.

From the Design Team

The time for the natural, organic feel to your bathroom environment is here. While industrial stylings have long been the bathroom trend we are now seeing a swift movement toward the natural, the organic. The grey and white bathrooms are now being broken up by timber, by greenery, by the exterior. Fifth Avenue Bathroom Furniture timber benchtops allow you to do this so easily. They are the perfect addition to your bathroom.

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Let the full grain of the timber be seen by adding a bench mount basin such as the Marley basin.


Vanity benchtop only


All timber benchtops and timber vanities produced by Fifth Avenue Bathroom Furniture are made from solid timber. Due to the nature of timber, each and every vanity benchtop or timber vanity will be unique in its colour toning and grain pattern. While care is taken during manufacturing to ensure the colour toning and grains are similar, every piece of furniture will vary in both grain and colour toning.


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