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Sicilia Solid Timber Vanity

Sri-Lankan Teak

From $1429.00

Sri-Lankan Teak


Why you should buy...

This vanity is made of solid teak. Teak has been used for centuries in wet environments, mostly for the building of boats or boat decking. Due to its high oil content, it is naturally moisture and mould resistant making teak the perfect timber for your bathroom environment. In addition to its moisture resistance, it has a beautiful caramel hue with a grain pattern unique only to this timber.

If you look closely, you'll notice in the corners that the timber has been cut on a 45° angle and joined. But this vanity isn't just glued together. It's joined using blind dovetail joints. Ask any carpenter and they will tell you that these are difficult and time-consuming but leaves you with the strongest possible product when complete. This makes cracking at the joins almost impossible over time and it makes this vanity far superior to other vanities which masquerade this joinery.

The Sicilia vanity is perfect for ensuites or powder rooms where space is tight. They are narrow so you can maximise your floor space.

Fully wrapped in solid teak, you won't need to worry about purchasing a benchtop.

Fifth Avenue Bathroom Furniture teak products are sourced from 100% sustainable, plantation timbers.

The drawers are fitted with premium, Austrian made GRASS Dynapro drawer runners. GRASS Dynapro runners are considered by many to be the best in the world. They are easy to open with a smooth glide soft-close function and 4D adjustment.

Why you shouldn't buy...

The size constraint can be limiting. At only 350mm front-to-back there is not a whole lot of depth or storage inside. If you have a lot of things to store in your cabinetry but you love the Sicilia vanity, contact us to get a quote for your custom made vanity.

Timber needs to be treated with more respect than something like a Caesarstone® benchtop so if you're really rough and tumble then you might be better off going for one of Fifth Avenue Bathroom Furniture's laminate ranges.

Things you should know...

All timber benchtops and timber vanities produced by Fifth Avenue Bathroom Furniture are made from solid timber. Due to the nature of timber, each and every vanity benchtop or timber vanity will be unique in its colour toning and grain pattern. While care is taken during manufacturing to ensure the colour toning and grains are similar, every piece of furniture will vary in both grain and colour toning.


Timber vanity only

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