Portia Integrated Shower Rail

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Portia Integrated Shower Rail

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Portia Integrated Shower Rail


The Portia integrated shower rail is stylish, functional. and perfect for the entire family.

An integrated shower rail basically means that you have both an overhead shower and hand shower coming from the one shower rail. You have the ability to choose which one to use by turning the diverter attached to the rail. The hand shower is on an adjustable rail so it can be used no matter how tall or short you are. It is the perfect cleaning tool too. Whether you’re washing the dog or just the shower glass and tiles you’ll find the hand shower… handy.

Then there’s the 250mm brass overhead shower. Complete luxury. Let the water cover your entire body when you have a shower and relax.

From The Design Team

We love the curvature of this shower rail. It adds some softness to what can often be harsh square lines ensuring your bathroom looks as stylish as possible.

It’s also really nice that it has a very minimal design for a shower rail. The shower rail attaches directly to the water inlet point on the wall so you only have the need for one shower hose, meaning no clutter and less cleaning.

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The Portia integrated shower rail comes with everything you need except for the wall mixer.  You’ll need to turn your water on somehow so take a look at the Peony wall mixer. We think this suits perfectly.


Shower rail

250mm brass overhead shower

Hand shower

Shower hose


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