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Tornado Flush Toilet Suite
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Cersei Tornado Flush Toilet Suite


The Cersei tornado flush toilet suite is a sleek and stylish toilet suite suitable for all bathrooms.

You might be wondering what the tornado flush is. Well, it is a far more advanced flushing system than the old wash-down toilet suites which have been around for forty years. they both have similarities, the greatest being that there are holes all the way around the underside of the rim of the pan. And from the outside of the toilet, they almost look the same. It’s the internals that count, though. You’ll notice straight away when you look in the pan of a tornado flush toilet is that the pan shape is conical. It acts as a funnel and a conduit to the tornado it is about to create. You see, when the water flows out the holes under the rim of the pan it comes out on an angle, not straight down. This allows the water to create a vortex inside the toilet pan. This does two things; it creates a far more powerful flush because of the force the spiraling water creates but it also washes the inside of the pan much better than any other flushing mechanism.

Another amazing feature with all Blanka toilet suites is that they have been nano-coated. This makes the surface of the pan super smooth making it harder for anything to stick to it. It ensures that your toilet will be easy to clean and maintain throughout its lifetime.

All Blanka toilets are made from high-quality ceramic. This is displayed by the 15-year warranty attached to all our ceramics. Soft-close toilet seats all come standard with quick-release buttons for easy cleaning.

From the Design Team

The Cersei tornado flush toilet suite is revolutionary in the way it flushes. It has been engineered so that the flushing water comes out at an angle creating a vortex or tornado-like suction. This provides a stronger force when flushing leaving you with a clean toilet every time. Tests have also proven the flushing mechanism to be up to 20% quieter leaving you with your favourite song in your head instead of that noisy toilet sound.

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Soft close toilet seat

80mm -170mm S-trap adapter



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