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Icarus Rimless Toilet Suite


For years, bathroom toilet suites have mostly been the same style and have the same flushing mechanism. Today, they have evolved to be easier to clean, more visually appealing and with different flushing mechanisms. With so many options it is hard to know which toilet suite to purchase and the best place to start is the design. Choose a design which fits in with the rest of your bathroom fittings. But don’t stop there. You need to make sure the internal waste point is of good size and positioning so you don’t have to clean the toilet after every use. Ensure the toilet suite is made from high-quality ceramic and the working internals are from a reputable company. Lastly, check with your plumber that the toilet suite works with your external waste point or if it can be changed to suit.

All Blanka toilet suites are made from high-quality ceramic. This is displayed by the 15-year warranty attached to all our ceramic toilets. Soft-close toilet seats all come standard and all internals are made by companies who have been tried and tested for years. They will also come as top or bottom inlet so you can hide all your plumbing or keep your existing.

From the Design Team

Firstly, the Icarus rimless toilet suite contains a Geberit cistern. Geberit is a Swiss owned company and makes their toilet systems to the highest quality. In addition, it has a new style, rimless flushing system making your toilet incredibly easy to keep clean and best of all, you won’t need to use as much water when flushing. This is the perfect toilet system for both quality, style and functionality.

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Add an Angle Valve to your purchase to allow you to turn the water inlet on or off at your convenience.


Toilet pan

Geberit cistern

Soft close toilet seat

80mm -170mm S-trap adapter

Dimensions 30 × 610 × 810 mm

Blanka, Geberit



Main Raw Material



1 Year seat, 15 Years ceramic, 15 years cistern

WELS Registration Number


WELS Rating

4 Star

Full Flush


Half Flush


Nominal Average Flush