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Rimless Toilet Suite

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Eclipse Rimless Toilet Suite


The Eclipse rimless toilet suite has a sleek and modern style. If you aren’t familiar with how a rimless toilet differs from the old style “wash-down” toilet suites then we’re here to help. Wash-down toilets are also known as gravity fed toilets. They work by opening a valve in the cistern (tank) and releasing the water around the little holes under the lip of the toilet. All the water falls at the same time and you get an even flush. The problem with this style of toilet is that you use more water per flush to achieve the same result.

Rimless toilet suites don’t have holes under the lip. When you feel where the lip (or, the rim) is you will notice that it is completely smooth. It has been glazed the same as the rest of the toilet pan. So how does the toilet flush? Well, at the rear of the toilet pan there are two water jets. These water jets shoot all the water from the cistern when you flush. Instead of all the water falling at the same time, like the wash-down toilet suites, water pools at the front of the toilet pan and then gushes down the waste pipe flushing everything with it. This ensures that it uses less water per flush.

Perhaps the best part about the rimless toilet suites is how hygienic they are. This is one reason they are referred to as “clean flush” toilets. Because there are no holes under the rim of the toilet pan there is nowhere for bacteria to cling to. Adding to this, our Eclipse rimless toilet is nano-coated. The nano coating ensures the surface of the glazing is perfectly smooth. It’s basically Teflon for your toilet. No bacteria, no … you know what. They are hygienic and easy to clean with an exceptional flush!

All Blanka toilet suites are made from high-quality ceramic. This is displayed by the 15-year warranty attached to all our ceramic toilets. Soft-close toilet seats all come standard and all internals are made by companies who have been tried and tested for years. They will also come as top or bottom inlet so you can hide all your plumbing or keep your existing.

From the Design Team

Beautifully designed, the Eclipse rimless toilet suite suits both contemporary and traditional bathroom styles. It has a new style, rimless flushing system making your toilet incredibly easy to keep clean and best of all, you won’t need to use as much water when flushing.

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Install an Angle Valve to allow you to turn the water inlet on or off at your convenience. And make sure to add a new toilet roll holder to complete the new look.


Toilet pan

Toilet cistern

Soft close toilet seat

80mm -170mm S-trap adapter

Dimensions360 × 630 × 810 mm


Main Raw Material



1 Year seat, 15 Years ceramic, 8 Years Cistern Internals

WELS Rating

3 Star, 3.4 litre average flush

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