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Prime Oak Woodmatt
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You will receive one handle for each drawer. All you have to do is tell us which colour you’d love to have.

Why you should buy…

The Odesa wall-hung vanity is Australian made with premium, Eurpoean hardware and Australian made MDF.

The simplest of designs, and the most practical. Top and bottom drawers allow for heaps of storage while being able to separate your everyday use items from your weekly use items and keeping everything neat and tidy.

The vanity is made from Australian-made Polytec MDF board.

A waste cut-out in the top drawer allows your plumber to install the waste pipe easily.

Why you shouldn’t buy…

There is no reason not to buy this vanity. It looks amazing, provides plenty of storage and is Australian-made. If you can think f a reason please let us know so we can add it here.

Things you should know…

The waste cut out in the top drawer is set for a centrally positioned basin over each drawer and is to be used with bench mount basins only.



Profile handles (one for each external drawer)

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