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Lu Hause Kitchen Sink w Double Bowl & Drainer


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Lu Hause Double Bowl Kitchen Sink with Drainer

Made from high quality, hand-crafted stainless steel, every Lu Hause kitchen sink is designed with both style and practicality in mind. They have the ability to be installed as a flush mount sink or under mount and will suit any kitchen.

Two large bowls allow you both a washing and a soaking option. The large draining board will ensure that the excess water from your clean kitchenware will disappear quickly with the benefit of keeping your benchtops dry. The use of sanitary grade stainless steel ensures surfaces do not promote the growth of harmful bacteria and that your food preparation areas are always ready for use.

In addition, your kitchen sink will come with noise reducing pads. The noise reducing pads aren’t visible after installation. They are adhered to the outside of the tub so you can easily maintain a peaceful environment even when cleaning.

From the Design Team

All Lu Hause kitchen sinks come standard with 10mm round edges and corners which allows for the easiest of cleaning. This is a winner for us straight away but another bonus is that with a brushed surface the sink will always look new!

And if looks and the ease of cleaning isn’t enough for you, the practicality of having two large sinks will allow you to wash, soak, rinse or even bathe a small dog! And with the option of square or round drainage plugs you can match your sink to the rest of your kitchen decor.

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Main Raw Material

Stainless Steel




15 Years