Elucent Premium 1000

1000mm LED Mirror


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Elucent Premium 1000 LED Mirror with Bluetooth Speakers, Touch Sensor & Demister


The Elucent Premium 1000 LED Mirror is a seriously sexy mirror. With built-in Bluetooth speakers, you will be able to dance in the shower while listening to your favourite music. A demister pad will also leave you with a crystal clear mirror even in the most steamy conditions. The mirror is illuminated by low energy LED lighting and has user-friendly touch sensors for ease of use.

Not only does the Elucent Premium 1000 LED Mirror look amazing it is easy to install and being able to hardwire it directly behind the wall the wiring will be completely invisible.

In addition to its amazing look and ease of installation, it is designed to suit any bathroom. It is completely copper free which means that you won’t get rust spots appear on the back of the mirror as you will see with cheaper quality mirrors. It also meets all necessary building code standards to ensure it is safe to put in your bathroom.

From the Design Team

This LED mirror is framed by its own LED lighting creating exquisite style and elegance for any bathroom. The Elucent Premium 1000 LED Mirror has added Bluetooth speakers will keep you dancing in the shower at the touch of a button and when your bathroom gets too steamy you’ll have a mist-free mirror! This makes it easy to apply your makeup, have a shave or just check out how amazing you look. With back-lit touch-sensor buttons, it is easy to find at night.

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The Elucent Premium 1000 LED Mirror works well above any bathroom vanity. Complete your bathroom in style by placing this above your Hermes wall-hung vanity.


LED Mirror with sealed electric box

Mounting Bracket

Mounting screws and tile plugs




5 Years