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Rimless Tornado Toilet Suite
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Chara Rimless Tornado Toilet Suite


The Chara rimless, tornado flush toilet suite combines the two latest flushing styles to enter the market. This innovative toilet suite has only recently been released to the market. As a rimless toilet, you get the advantages of a more hygienic toilet pan. Combine this with the more powerful flushing and water saving of the tornado flush toilet suite and you have yourself the most efficient and best flushing toilet on the market!

Another amazing feature with all Blanka toilet suites is that they have been nano-coated. This makes the surface of the pan super smooth making it harder for anything to stick to it. It ensures that your toilet will be easy to clean and maintain throughout its lifetime.

All Blanka toilet suites are made from high-quality ceramic. This is displayed by the 15-year warranty attached to the ceramic itself. Soft-close toilet seats all come standard with quick-release buttons for easy cleaning. In addition, all suites come with the ability to be plumbed as a P or an S-trap and either top or bottom inlet making them very easy for your plumber to install.

From the Design Team

The Chara toilet suite has been designed with a subtle curvature to make it look as slim as possible. Not only does it look great but you will find this floor pan more comfortable than most. It stands around 40mm taller than most toilets so is great for anyone with sore knees or just anyone taller than the average person. It’s also a great space saver! It only has a projection of 615mm from the wall so you’ll save close to 50mm in space. This makes it perfect for any bathroom but especially those where every spare inch counts.

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