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Tornado Toilet Melbourne

If you have been searching for a clean and efficient tornado toilet, then why not have a look through the Eos Bathware range today. Our unique product designs are delivered by Blanka and Geberit, and come backed by generous 15 year warranties for your peace of mind.

These are the tornado toilets Melbourne has been waiting for, with superior water saving efficiency and a quieter flush. The nano-coated ceramic keeps these ceramic toilets bacteria free, while the powerful force of the spiralling water creates a better flush every time.

Choose from Eos Bathware’s Impressive Range of Tornado Toilets for Sale

A true essential in any bathroom, a toilet suite should be functional, efficient, and unobtrusive. While you may choose to make a statement with your bathroom vanity and benchtop, basin, or tapware, a toilet suit should take up minimal space (both visually and in footprint) while providing everything that you need in one compact design. This is exactly what you can expect from the range of tornado toilets for sale at Eos Bathware.

One line which we have been particularly proud to add to the range are our taller-than-standard toilets. While these clever toilets take up very little floorspace (with their narrower base) the slim, curved design also adds visually to the space in your bathroom. Add to this the extra comfort of a higher seat, designed for a more comfortable sitting position.

Buy Your Tornado Toilet Online and Get Free Delivery in Metropolitan Melbourne

Whether you are renovating the entire bathroom, or simply upgrading your old and inefficient toilet suite, you can expect a carefully curated selection of products, alongside expert advice whether you shop in-store or choose to buy your tornado toilet online.

Our experienced team will help you to make a great choice so that you know you have chosen a tornado toilet that is compatible with your home’s plumbing system. We can even suggest recommended plumbers to install the toilet, so that your updated bathroom looks great and functions perfectly.

Once you have selected the ideal tornado toilet suite, you can arrange for free delivery to your home within the Melbourne metropolitan region, or for a exceptionally priced courier delivery anywhere within Australia. Thanks to our well-stocked warehouse, all stock is available immediately, so you can begin your bathroom renovations sooner.